Qubes Source Code Repositories

All the Qubes code is kept in GIT repositories. We divided the project into several components, each of which has its own separate repository, some of them:

  • core-admin.git -- the core Qubes infrastructure responsible for VM management, VM temaplates, fs sharing, etc.
  • gui-daemon.git -- GUI virtualization, Dom0 side.
  • gui-agent-linux.git -- GUI virtualization, Linux VM side.
  • linux-template-builder.git - scripts and other files used to create Qubes templates images.

You can browse the repositories on line via GitWeb. The Qubes official repositories are in the mainstream-rX directory, where X is release number (1, 2, etc).

To clone a repository:

git clone git://git.qubes-os.org/mainstream-r2/<repo_name>.git <repo_name>


git clone git://git.qubes-os.org/mainstream-r2/core-admin.git core-admin

Currently the preferred way of contributing to the project is by sending a patch via the project's mailing list (git format-patch).

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